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What’s Your Lightbulb Moment?

How do you protect it? How do you maximize your earning potential from it? Everhart Law Firm can guide you in protecting the execution of your bright idea, your lightbulb moment. We help creative people like you protect what matters most to your art or business. So, what’s your lightbulb moment?


Has your lightbulb moment led you to the entertainment industry? Whether you are a songwriter, a film producer, a record company, a dancer, a booking agent, an author, or a book publisher, Everhart Law Firm knows you have legal needs unique to your profession. Let our experience guide you in protecting yourself as you pursue your entertainment career, from contract negotiations to protection of intellectual property to compensation questions.


Is your lightbulb moment your own creative work that could be copied or performed without your consent? If you feel like you deserve to be compensated for the creative part you play, then you should protect and enforce your copyright. Everhart Law Firm helps clients register copyrights, sue for infringement, defend against infringement claims, hold on to their ownership by getting it in writing, and license their works for use by others and can assist you in getting the creative credit you deserve.



Is your lightbulb moment a product or business that uses a word, symbol, or phrase to distinguish itself from other products or businesses? If you need to protect your brand, then you need to understand your trademark rights. Everhart Law Firm offers several legal services to help you protect your brand identity, including trademark search and selection, trademark registration, licensing, and trademark infringement claims by or against you.


No matter what your lightbulb moment may be, you likely use some form of technology to conduct your business, market your product, or express your opinion. The limits in this still relatively new arena are constantly changing. Our team is experienced in protecting your technology presence, from web policies and privacy issues to web and app development agreements and technology licenses to domain name registration and cybersquatting issues.

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