Go Forth and Create (and Police)

By August 25, 2014Art, Copyright

Law.com recently posted an article in which Sarah Feingold, in-house counsel for the popular e-commerce site, Etsy, talked about her own creative background, the legal issues Etsy and its users face, and the protection Etsy affords its users.  Like many service-providing websites, Etsy has a takedown policy created in accordance with standards set by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and relies on its users to self-police.  In other words, it’s up to you to notify Etsy if you find someone selling goods that infringe on your unique design or product.  Though, in the interview, she glosses over the difficulty in protecting a design (especially in the jewelry and fashion world), Ms. Feingold seems to have a soft spot for artists and designers (being a designer herself) and has written blogs and even an e-book series on the different types of intellectual property and how they apply to artists.  Read Law.com‘s article here.