Do I need a patent, a trademark, or a copyright?

A patent protects your invention and can protect certain designs. A trademark protects your brand, and can be a word or phrase, a symbol, a package shape, a sound, or even a color. A copyright protects your work of art, such as a song, computer code, a film, or a painting. Some projects can be protected by patent, trademark, and copyright. Sound confusing? We are happy to walk you through the differences and help to determine what protections best fit your project.

Do you practice patent law?

We do not practice patent law. We focus on copyright and trademark. If you are not certain which fits your project, we are happy to help you determine the answer to that question and will be glad to refer you to a patent lawyer if that is the best direction for you.

Is every idea protectable?

Unfortunately, no. Sometimes there is a fine line as to what can be protected. For example, book titles are typically not protectable. A good way to “protect” yourself when your idea is not protectable is to use a nondisclosure agreement to prevent others from taking your idea.

Do you pitch?

We are not in the business of pitching, whether a song, an artist, a movie, or a reality TV show. We would love to find a place for your work, but we focus our practice purely on the law so we can stay as up-to-speed as possible in the area we know best.